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About Us

Our entire “Strategic Alliance” as we call it consists of our company; “C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC” and several Pro-Active inbound/outbound marketing professional enterprises, D2D (Door To Door) Teams. Three of our call centers seat close to 400 reps each, and three of our  street teams have a combined 30 years experience in the field, with tremendous marketing savvy who have demonstrated consistent and quality  sales per week.

Our goal is to have reliable and quickly executed results on a large scale tailor-made to fit each client, individual, or company needs. All we do is energy acquisition, we're quickly gaining a reputation as the No. 1 place to go to when you desire energy sales with massive expansion.


We can assure  100% confidence that C. M. Puleo Consulting can meet and exceed your expectations as set forth today in every energy deregulated market, residential or commercial. 

To experience the growth that your ESCO deserves, send us an email to schedule a no obligation consultation, and let's get your company growing.

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